Leasing Services

Advertising your property
*Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
*28 years of writing great listings that get your property noticed
*Average days on the market is less than 36 days
*Listed on more than 40 websites
*No marketing fees
*Agent showings
*Virtual tour of the property

Comparative Market Analysis
*Review Recent rental history within your neighborhood to determine the best rental market rate for your investment
*Compare market rates before offering lease renewals.

Full Property Accounting
*24/7 online access to detailed owner statements and invoices
*Year­-end tax reporting statements and 1099 forms
*Trust account maintenance and management

Online Access 24/7
*State-of-the-Art online management software
*Owner statements automatically generated
*Tenant online rent payments free of charge

Tenant Application Process
*Standardized point system to screen all tenants
*Comprehensive screening of all prospective tenants & guarantor
*Equifax credit reporting service, including tax liens, eviction reports and utility collections
*Thorough nationwide background and criminal history checks
*Verify employment and employment history
*Review rental history to verify tenant paid rent timely and properly maintained the property.

*Standardized Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTOR leases and addendums
*Customized addendums to protect our landlords and their investments
*Utility addendum explaining how to transfer utilities into tenant’s name
*Leases are updated to stay compliant with all current local and state Landlord­-Tenant laws
*Tenant insurance required

Collection of Rents
*All rents due on the 1st of the month and distributed to landlords within 15 business days
*Qualified tenants can pay online for free 24/7
*Late fees collected are split 50/50 between owners and property manager
*Office dropbox for after­-hours rent payments
*Multiple Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices locations for tenants to pay rent 7 days a week

Maintenance and Repairs                       

*Repairs are never upcharged
*Strongly recommend home warranty policies. We feel that home protection plans help guard the homeowner from incurring major unexpected repair expenses.
*In compliance with Nevada law, all vendors Primack Team Property Management recommends are licensed, bonded and carry insurance.
*We contact landlord via email or phone regarding repairs
*Use home warranty whenever possible
*Maintain home warranty contracts
*Coordinate with landlord to prepare properties for new tenant move­-in

*Interim inspection reports
*Thorough move­-in/move­-out inspections including detailed photographs